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Term used primarily in the U.S. Army. Refers to deranged individuals that leave steaming piles of poo in conspicuous areas or sometimes in or on your personal equipment. Most of the time their aim is to shock or disgust the discoverers; other times they aim to cause illness by attacking food or water sources. Most attacks are meant as practical jokes played between units but occasionally they are meant as acts revenge. Areas that the Mad Shitter has been known to strike: Public showers; on top of toilet seats; in sleeping bags; in hats or berets; in cars; in water tanks; on the hoods of cars; on desks.
Bad - “SONOFABITCH! The Mad Shitter hit our shower again last night. I bet it was one of those pricks from 1st platoon. I ain’t going to clean it up this time.”

Good – “Did you hear? The Mad Shitter laid a log on the toilet seat in the Officer Only Porta John.”
Sweet. Serves them right for thinking that they’re special.”
by Trav May 18, 2005
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