(adj.) properly nerdy self-conscious emo:
1. for those people who want to be emo, but aren't, because simply wanting to be emo disqualifies you; you must just 'be' emo.
2. for those who just 'are' themo (they often do not understand the category)

However, for many, becoming 'themo' is an art; one must dress, taylor hanson style, utterly dorkishly, as a nerd, wearing unnecessarily geeky glasses (like Willy Mason) and mile-long scarves and being so hip you're practically prosthetic.
Themo kids are into music by bands either far too cool or far too ugly to sell records.
themo kid:
"well i cant have people thinking im themo"
"i bet you're taking off your converses as we... er, converse"
"your music collection is dominated by people you find attractive"
by aaliya August 26, 2005
Modesto, CA, aka the Motown of the west.
Dude, are you staying in SD for Xmas?

Naw, I gotta go back to the Mo to spend it with the 'rents.

Hey man, where did you grow up? Aw dude I grew up in the Mo. You know this.
by RassCal January 07, 2011
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