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this a move you use on the boyfriend of the girl you like, you get to know the girl, then you become good friends with her boyfriend, this part take a while. After he feels comfortable enough with you hanging out with the girl in question alone, you make your moves and steal her away from the unprepaired, now lonely ex-boyfriend.
Damn that is messed up how you pulled The Luis on Josh like that. He was messed up for a while after that one. Who know how long it will be before he finds someone else.
by Snatch Mcgregor October 24, 2006
1. A state where one achieves perfection. 2. One who is lovable beyond belief. 3. One who is of the highest degree of FrEsHnEss.
" Hey did you see that kid, he's almost a fresh as The Luis"

" I sure wish that I could be lovable, If only I was like The Luis"
by The luis January 03, 2008
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