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Hip name for the city of St. Louis
Meet me in The Lou. Where you went to high school seems to be important in The Lou. Cardinals rule in The Lou.
by dansey November 14, 2007
1. St. Louis, Mo

2. The City
We goin down to The Lou real quick you comin?
by AzaJP August 18, 2005
Local St Louis for, well, St Louis. Primarily referring to downtown St Louis.
We're going down to party in the lou.
Christmas in the lou.
Hey this is St Peters, not the lou!
by md12 July 31, 2010
An annoying nickname for the city of St. Louis; made popular by rapper Nelly.
Please refrain from calling St. Louis "The 'Lou". It's a city, not a toilet.
by redhed311 May 03, 2005