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(n.) The Loraine Virus (commonly known as "not yourself disease") is a short-term illness lasting anywhere from 2-5 days that infects its host, sometimes through the internet, and doesn't allow the host to be themselves. It's not deadly, but can make your friends think your on crack.
*Remedy: A long mental process which involves getting back to your roots. Think about what you would normally do in a situation if you were yourself and then the true you will come back
TOM: "Yo man, i don't know what's goin down, but I'm just not myself and Kate's about to break up with me"
TAYLOR: "I know what's wrong."
TOM:"What is it?!?"
TAYLOR: "You got the Loraine Virus"
by qnsʎǝʞɹnʇ April 02, 2009
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