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When you want nothing more than to come home. When you realize that the things you thought were important were not. When those you loved the most are the ones you hurt the most. When all you want to do is make it up to everyone that you hurt along the way. When you realize that you weren't a good person, that you didn't make good choices, that you were selfish and destructive and you pick up your baggage and decide to start "the long road home". It's the hardest road to travel. It has pitfalls and fences, bridges that have been destroyed and walls that must be scaled. You have to forgive yourself and let others see you for who you are. And after all that is said and done…what happens when you get home and they don't want you anymore?
Johnny was a foolish man when he was younger…living the fast life and making selfish choices without regard for how those choices would affect those around him.

When he realized what a fool he had been…he began the long road home. He hasn't gotten there yet…but he trudges on…because it's the right road and he knows it. Anything worth having is worth fighting for…especially a wife and a family.
by UnworthyButTrying November 03, 2013