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That guy friend who is too good to be true. He's sweet, charismatic, and has a winning personality. Yet, he doesn't want that success and would give it up if the right woman came into his life. The Lloyd Dobbler is also a tragic hero as well, though his intentions are good and his heart is pure, he'll end up getting hurt, sad, and emo when he loses the girl. He may or may not blast a boombox outside her window to confess his love like in "Say Anything" but he'll go to the extremes to prove to the girl he's Mr. Right and pain isn't strong enough to get him down. In the end he may not always get the girl, but at the end of the day he'll still be a romantic, and all his girl friends will swoon over him.
Always pining for the unattainable makes you "The Lloyd Dobbler" and not giving up confirms it.
by m.r. darcy March 12, 2009
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