a sexual act consisting of ejaculating on a girl's face, drawing a line across her forehead with the semen, and whispering "Simba".
I took your mom out last night and gave her The Lion King.
by Kyldonia August 07, 2009
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Ok the greatest traditionally hand drawn Disney animation, released in the early nineties with music by Elton John and the voice of Darth Vader as the King Mufasa. A story closely related to Macbeth that has to do with a lion learning about a deep message about life and love.
Johnny: The Lion King is the best animated movie ever.
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 22, 2009
The act of ejaculating on your partners face, then taking your right thumb and smearing the semen from left to right across their forehead and saying in a Rafiki-like voice, "Simmbaaa".
That chick took my copy of The Lion King last night!
by Doctor Scientist June 15, 2010
Best thing Disney ever came up with
Mulan was good
Hercules was better
Aladdin had a happy ending
A Goofy Movie made my life
Adventure Buddies were all mistakes
Winnie the Pooh close, so CLOSE
But The Lion King: it's got romance, awesome songs, a talking pig, heartbreak, and The Lion King 1.5 is pretty epic: Pumbaa and Timon's perspective. It's a win!
by Ilikedisneyclassics October 17, 2011
When one male cums on the face of a female and wipes it on her forehead as shown in the lion king when rafiki rubs paint on simba's face.
Paul wanted to show Kate what the true meaning of the lion king is.
by John Nutts October 16, 2013
When you hear the song King of Africa by Crookers, the last person to lift up a girl in the air has to take penalty determined by the others playing the game.

Two players cannot pick up the same girl.
Let's play The Lion King

'Nants ingonyama bagithi baba
Sithi uhhmm ingonyama

Pick up the nearest girl to you
by TheDiscoNinja July 14, 2011
Right before cumming, you pull out and splooge in the paml of your hand. then you place your thumb in it, coat it in cum and smeer the same pattern on the girl;s forhead that the monkey did to Simba in the lion king.
This is followed by holding her up by her shoulders on display.
I gave the girl The Lion King and then displayed her to the crowd. everyone cheered
by norsgat bros February 03, 2010
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