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An indie band formed in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Members include Kurtis White (drums/vocals), Cody Zevenbergen (guitar/harmonica/vocals), Steve Seguin (vocals/bastard tea jug filled with rocks/guitar) and Nathan Krulicki (vocals). Their music can be found on their facebook fan page. They were founded after Cody viewed an episode of the daily show in which Jon Stuart told him that he'd be very disappointed if the band was not formed. They believe in mothers as classy ladies and grandmothers as whores.
Have you heard The Lesbian Bondage Fiasco!'s new song, Thanksgiving Fiasco! ? It's so good!
by TheLesbianBondageFiasco December 17, 2010
Hit indie band founded on April 8th, 2010.
"hey man, we're gonna go see the lesbian bondage fiasco. they rock."
by GiantDouche April 08, 2010
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