The woman lies on her back on the bed with her head hanging over the edge, performing felatio on her partner who is standing above her. At the moment of climax, he ejaculates into her hair, creating a silver mane and then places his still erect penis on her forehead. For added effect, Tom Cruise and Mia Sara cardboard cut-outs can be set up nearby. (a variation: instead of placing the erection on her forehead, slide slightly farther forward and fart in her mouth. This is called the pepe le pew)
"An orgasm this legendary deserved The Last Unicorn... he placed his throbbing penis proudly upon her noble forehead, capturing the mythic beauty reflected in her 'My Little Pony' posters."
Top Definition
A man, or woman secures a dildo to his/her forehead. This dildo is then forced into the woman's vagina, until orgasm.

It is customary for the "unicorn" to nay like a unicorn and kick with the back legs.
"I performed the Last Unicorn on Jill last night, and I wasn't the only one naying."
by Boys of 17 March 28, 2009
When a male can't satisfy a female sexually, the female then punches the male in the forehead out of frustration, knocking him out. She then, rides the bump on his forehead until completion.
Tom couldn't get Stacy off the other night. So she knocked his ass out and rode The Last Unicorn.
by Luxferus September 20, 2014
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