The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES
I was playing Super Mario 3 and Duck hunt the other day and wondered why these aren't world wide treasure in a museum.
by Capn Polly September 19, 2003
Anything that came before the dreamcast including Coin Ops, SNES, Sega Saturn, (possibly) Playstation, Sega Genesis, NES, Atari 5200, Atari 5199, Atari 5198, etc. Also including but not limited to the Odessy 5000 and before.
There's still a lot of cool games to be enjoyed. Good Graphics and intricate storyline rarely make up for the gameplay.
by restin256 January 04, 2004
Colecovision. Original Donkey Kong. Respect it.
Do you guys wanna play some Qbert?
by Big Tim July 31, 2003
Phillips CDI.
The other day, I broke out my Phillips CDI (The Last Great Console) game console, and fired up "Hotel Mario", and could not believe what a great system the Phillips CDI was!
by Qbert March 19, 2004
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