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1. Where all hope is lost. From "The Great Waldo Search".

You will be my idol if you can find Waldo on that page.

2. Where all hope is lost. Referring to The Land Of Waldos in "The Great Waldo Search".
1.Remy: Hey, Rowan, want to look at this Where's Waldo? book with me?

Rowan: Oh! The pain! The suffering! Such horrible memories!

Remy: ...What?

Rowan: I found Waldo on every page, but when I got to The Land Of Waldos, I knew I could not get any further.

2. Remy: Hey, Rowan, how was the test?

Rowan: It's The Land Of Waldos in there, even if you studied. I hope you weren't planning on going to college.
by H.M. Switz January 26, 2009
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