A faceless entity on which to blame anything that goes wrong.
"Davo your van is knackered."
"It wasn't me, it must have been the lads!"

"Hitler, why did you invade Poland?"
"The lads must have done it!"
by L T D April 13, 2013
Top Definition
The Lads are a group of men mainly in there 20's and 30's who are well known around the Bristol area for going out to pubs and clubs and causing trouble. Prominent members include Beppe DiMarco, Dean Gaffney, David Walliams, Lance Black, Jon Trollope and Russell Brand.
Avon & Somerset Police today arrested most of the lads. Beppe was done for dangerous driving whilst Lance Black was caught bumming sheep.
by Gareth Ronan August 16, 2006
aka: 'the group', 'the guys', or 'those dirty litle stoners'

A crowd who mainly hang about wolferton 6th form, pertending they're all gonna go to Uni and be sucessfull. But in realty their lifes are in a current state of total chaos and have been ever since the introduction of Frost and Joe into the group (aka: the beef barrons.)

The group varies in size depending on the mount of beef brought to any one event, or the likly hood of the individual members to get in (eg Frost never gos to Spiders, and Wanye never goes anywhere cool!)

Although given the name 'the lads' they now consist of nearly as many girls, namely, Ollie, Gemma and Irene.

The lads would like to appoligise for any inconviences/arguments/fights/mass destuction/holocausts they might be responsable for.
They justifie all acions with one simple phrase (as used by Boss man in court case on Monday): "WE'RE ABOVE THE LAW!!!!"
Al:"wheres the gathering this week?"

Frost:"Not at mine!"

Joe:"in my shed then"

Al:"Eeeeeeeeeeeeasy now! Ill call the lads"
by revenant April 27, 2004
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