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When a broker verbally abuses a client for waisting their time and being an idiot. Named after the infamous broker from London, England.
Client: Hello
Broker: Hi Mr. Client
Client: Is it you again?
Broker: Yes it is, we spoke previously and you asked me to call you back.
Client: I remember you now, you are that pretentious broker, giving the false impression that you drive a lamborghini

Broker: No I didn't, we just spoke regarding investment opportunities and you told me you were interested.
Client: Did I? Well I've changed my mind and can't stand people like you
Broker: What the f£$% is wrong with you mr client? you keep wasting my time!! we've been speaking for months now and now you tell me you are not f£$%^&% intrerested!!!?? get off my bloody phone you stroker!!!!!

That is an example of The Ladds
by uneek234 June 29, 2011
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