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Named after the creator, a famous man in Huntington Beach CA (L. Tonelli). The LT is a discriminating sex act which includes having anal sex with a girl who is really intoxicated, after finishing the male leaves the condom inside her ass for the boyfriend to find later. Have Fun and be Safe.
I met this sketch ass chick downtown tonight, after we got shit-faced I took her to my pad and gave her The LT. Her boyfriend is going to be pissed.
by dcrum714 January 26, 2009
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The Lunch Table, aka The best six people you will ever meet: Tegan, Lena, Alysia, Shaydah, Margo and Heather. 2003-??
"Those friends are so close they could be the next LT!"

by Tegan December 25, 2004

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