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The Kristian Syndrome (Has nothing to do with Christianity, but is named after the Danish philosopher, Kristian Jørgensen, born May 4, 1994, who first discovered the syndrome) is a syndrome which typically affects teenagers in the western part of the world. The Kristian Syndrome has been built around the belief that everything has perverse undertones, and everything can be thought perverse. The Kristian Syndrome causes even the most non-perverted phrases to be turned into something perversely, in the head of people affected by The Kristian Syndrome, only by separating the sentence into smaller parts, or simply just repeating the phrase in a deeper tone.
Person 1: "No. I can't play football anymore today. My right leg hurts"

Person 2: "What's wrong with your leg?"

Person 1: "I don't know for sure. I just think that it's sore because I've used it too much"

Person 2: "I just think that it's sore because I've used it too much" (said in a deeper tone)

Person 1, 3 and 4: "HAHAHAHA! LOOOOL! Perverse!"

Person 2: "You guys have The Kristian Syndrome"
by Thephilospher July 23, 2012

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