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dropping your pants to your ankles and holding up your shirt before taking a piss standing up.
Instead of urinating like a competant, capable adult, I sometimes pull the kindergartner.
by elsworth12xu February 24, 2008
1. Glorified Pre-schoolers who piss their pants and color all day and don't deserve graduation ceremonies.

2. It is the name given for the result of the following action: Ramming one's erection down the throat of an oralee unannounced immediately before ejaculate is shot out of the erection. The load the races with a force, so mighty that it escapes through the nasal cavity, giving the oralee the appearance of having boogers. Also referred to as a Flaming Dragon
"Last week I packed my girl a lunch and gave her the Kindergartner"
by genegine December 07, 2007
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