The Killers are a "pop/rock" band from Vegas.

-Their singer Brandon is a sequin wearing mormon.
-Their bassist Mark looks like Jesus
-Their drummer Ronnie often looks like he is "sexing" his
drum set.
-Their guitarist Dave has a nice a**

People not only go to their concerts for music, but also for their daily a** fill.

There you go, The Killers have nice a**ess
that is, according to their "victims"
because "victims" scare the s*** out of me!
"Oh did you see Dave shake it like shakira last night at The Killers concert?"
by Brightside29 May 30, 2009
english? i don't think this bland, talentless pile of arse-gravy comes from my grey, unpleasant land. we gave the world coldplay for fucks sake, isn't that enough gobshite for you? at least the stones can still get some scantily-clad nymphos to kiss in the rain in their latest video. Form is temporary, class is permanent. even if your over 60.
the killers? arent they even more genric and dull than u2?
by roco January 17, 2006
An overrated, overplayed band that has only one album out--a fact that giddy girls seem to forget.
Giddy girl: "The Killers are the best band ever! I love their music! That one song is so awesome! Their so great!"

Person forced to listen to the above: "Um, sure."
by Nessa60 June 05, 2006
A band who had one rlly good CD (Hot Fuss) but then had rlly lame cds after.
"The Killers hot fuss CD was so awsome! but then i listened to Sam's town and was dissapointed!"
by dew43 January 22, 2009
The result of shitty lyrics, and musicans that get together and decide to make a band. Basically, the result is a half assed band and has a distinct sound that shouldn't be called music.
When you have a shitty band you call yourself The Killers.
by The Killers Suck September 01, 2005
An overrated band that appeals to a proportion of music listeners that have never heard original bands like Joy Division, Television, and Gang of Four.
KnowsGoodMusicGuy#1- Hey, whats that shit playing on the radio?

KnowsGoodMusicGuy#2- It's that overrated band "The Killers"

KnowsBadMusicGuy#1- Hey! The "killers" are great and so original!
by josins March 11, 2006
The most unhealthily overrated excuse for music since Fall Out Boy, whose lyrics are about as deep as Paris Hilton.
Somebody told me, You had a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend, that i had in february of last year

Now that is deep.... and by deep i mean garbage of unprecedented proportions
by Donald_Darko August 21, 2005
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