A kick-ass band from Vegas. Check out the rock coutdown on mtv2 cause there songs are on there.
The Killers kick ass
by Big B December 30, 2004
A cool band with the new wave 80s influance they come from las vegas nevada and were inspired by a flock of seagulls,duran duran and other new wave artists.
People that like the killers and don't like a flock of seagulls should give them the respect they deserve because the killers music would not be without the AFOS.
by Flock Fan May 02, 2005
The killers is hands down the best band eva. They are very orginal, and no one has eva come up with the type of beat, lyrics, and music like them. The killers wont, and will not stop till they hit the top. And that's a promise.
Jealousy turnig saints into the sea
by crystal guevara March 12, 2005
The band of whom I love.
Dude I am so enlightened that I get to see the Killers June 8th! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH.
by Merf May 04, 2005
My personal favorite band, they are synth-rock in there 1st album "Hot Fuss" but supposedly leaving the snyth to someone else and are going to me more "organic with more organs". Their influences are mostly 80's bands and it is reflected in there music...oh and...TO ALL YOU LAME FUCKERS WHO THOUGHT THEY SUCK...WELL THEY DONT....SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!
person 1: omg, I got tickets to go see The Killers!
person 2:OMG, you get to see the sexiest band ever...no way!
person 1: Cheyea!
by moogoesthecow7 August 29, 2005
Nickname of Jerry Lee Lewis, the greatest honky-tonk rock'n roll piano man ever!
"Don't put no headstone on my grave, I want a monument...this is the Killer speaking."
by mike s. August 18, 2003
1. The name given to the murderer in the "Scream" film franchise before his or her true identity is revealed at the conclusion of the film. Once their identity is revealed, the subject is then killed by Neve Campbell.

2. Someone who tries, unsuccessfully, to kill Neve Campbell.

3. Someone who provokes a criminal investigation that induces David Arquette and Courtney Cox to flirt relentlessly.
1. In "Scream", the killer always wears a ghostface mask. Not to be associated with Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan.
by Clark Parker April 09, 2011

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