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A mythical creature only known to be seen whilst blackout. Opulence, he has it.

Characteristics of The Kemal:

-Yells "Get off me!" at random intervals

-Throw bricks through random houses
-Pees down stairs with no regard
-Known to consume roommates food
-Attracts Kappas like a....
-Horrified by microwaved hotdogs
-Addicted to candy
-Knows how to use a satellite radio

Known Whereabouts (in this order):
-His bed
-In any field howling at the moon
-Playin 2k and kickin raps all day, by the lake, smokin tree til he collapse in broad day
"I drink to black out" - The Kemal

"Are you sure it was me? I don't remember any of that." - The Kemal
by Erka Turka April 06, 2011