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sketchy dirty place where intoxicated college students go to "dance" (make weird thrusting motions) and hook up with randoms that they will never speak to again
(Hung over) "Hey man you seen my coat I wore last night?"
"Yeah you couldn't find it when we were leaving The Jug last night."
"That explains the burning sensation... shit"
by F dawg S February 09, 2006
local name for "Kom Jug Yuen" restaurant in Toronto.
I has the best BBQ pork in north america at the jug.
by T. Polkinghorne December 21, 2008
Prison, Comes From North West England.
Lee Got Ragged By The Plod Last Week, They Gave Him 6 Months In The Jug.
by LevelSixpointFive April 22, 2009
To have something in abundance, or have the hook up on something. Can also say that someone is proficient at given subject or is on top of it.
Nick's got the jug on lunch plans
by The Real Conner Stearns October 24, 2011
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