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It is a time where after a huge fight or some sort of action that a girl will do with a boyfriend/bestfriend that will ultimately piss him off to the max. In order to forget about the situation and not be stress anymore from the problem, the guy (boyfriend/bestfriend) will do whatever he wants and will act like a jerk, especially to the girl. The girl will be very hurt, but he'll refuse to acknowledge it because he's very angry and hurt by her actions. Soon enough, the guy will miss the girl because he loves her and will start to try to make things up with her.
After embarrassing Joseph, he would do everything in his power to hurt me. After 2 months of not talking and going through The Joseph stage, he came back, telling me he missed me. We made up, happily ever after.
by ilikechicks1111 July 07, 2013
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