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A Clan Deets word.

The Jooyah Disaster was a fictional battle between Clan Deets and an unknown enemy, where Clan Deets was heavily wounded, and thus began thier "quest" into Deets every week to find and destroy the enemy.

"Kyle" AKA "Kyo", or "Kybes", pointed to a large messed-up spot of grass on the side of a hill as the scene of The Jooyah Disaster, but evidence shows that this was not a battle site, but instead a spot where "Scott", among other people, had taken a busted up chair and slid down the hill like it was a sled.
"Never forget The Jooyah Disaster"
by Grand Master Yourik November 03, 2004
An tragic even whereferry flipped upside down in Africa, killing a lot of people.

Clan Deets lost powerful allies in the Jooyah Disaster and therefore they will never forget the Jooyaha
I will alwats remember the Jooya.
by sckit June 01, 2005
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