When you are fingering a woman on her period and she appears to become disinterested or bored with it you pull out your fingers wipe them on the corners of her mouth while simultaneously exclaiming, "why so serious?".
I was fingering my girlfriend and she looked bored with it so i gave her the joker to try and cheer her up
by B raz July 01, 2009
when a man has sex with a woman on her period. He pulls his dick out and smacks it across her mouth and says "Why so Serious?"
jack went up to his buddy john and said "man, me and jill were doin it earlier and she didn'tell me she was on her period." john looked up at him and asked "so what'd you do when you found out?" "well," jack said, "i looked at here dead in the eyes and pulled the joker on her."
by radar180 September 23, 2009
When you finger a woman on her period and wipe the blood across her lips and ask her: Why so serious?
When my girl was on the rag I gave her the joker.
by Mr. Nasty Nate June 20, 2009
when you go down on your girl and she has failed to mention that her monthly gift has arrived and when you come up from doing your business, you look like the joker from batman
haha jack totally got the joker from his girl last night
by sup it be chels October 15, 2008
While having sex you finger the girls ass and make sure to get her poo on your finger. When ready, you pull out (before during or after cumming as it does not matter.) and smear her poo from one cheek, across her lips to the other cheek. When she gets mad at you, simply ask "Why So Serious?".
I gave her the joker last night. After I smeared her poo from one cheek to the other via the lips she got all mad at me. So I asked her "Why so serious?"
by Ian's Mustache November 02, 2009
When you are havin sex with a girl while she is on her period and you pull out, wipe her blood on the sides of her lips into a smile and say "let's put a smile on that face."
My girlfriend dumped me cause I just gave her the joker.
by Day Pass July 01, 2009
First off, take a girls virginity. When she starts to bleed, get some blood on your fingers and smear it around your mouth from cheek to cheek. When she starts to cry or look disgusted, yell out "Why so serious?!"
Jenny started to bleed from the vagina, because it was her first time having sex. John then began to smear her blood all around his mouth from cheek to cheek, pretending to be the joker. As Jenny started to cry, John then proceeds to yell out "Why so serious?!"
by Keith Bill January 28, 2009

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