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A YouTube series that follows the events of The Dark Knight involving Patient #4479 undergoing therapy at Arkham Asylum, under the supervision of his psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel. The series is known for its comic characters, intricate storyline, and dark humor. Search for The Joker Blogs on YouTube or visit
Have you seen the latest episode of The Joker Blogs? It was epic!
by the'friend' July 16, 2009
The most epic online version of The Joker. It takes place in Arkham Asylum after The Dark Knight. It's a Youtube series. Look it up on Youtube or visit the website to check it out. Scott McClure plays The Joker.
Dude, I just watched The Joker Blogs! It was awesome!
by PenguinPenguinx3 May 27, 2011

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