A Crappy Pop-Ska band that think they are total rock stars but only 13 year old preteen girls listen to because they think the members of the band are "SooOo QT!11!"
they think they are hilarious with posting stupid videos of themselfs & they put good ska bands to shame.
Eddie - I'm Confused about my sexuality
Mike - Well...do you like the Johnstones?
Eddie - Yes. Omfgz der so0o0 awezsumz!
Mike - you are def gay.

Sarah - Da jonzstonz r so0o hawt
Mike - You'll grow out of them once you hit 15.

Greg - I'm a fan of the Johnstones
Mike - You're also a fan of sticking dick up your ass.
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The most awesome ska band to ever come out of Canada. Spawned from Ajax, Ontario, The Johnstones are a rockin' quintet of five dudes who rarely wear shirts. They're also really nice to their fans. Do yourself a favour and go to one of their shows.

The Lineup is as follows;
Ryan Long- Drums, Vocals
Jarek Hardy- Guitar, Vocals
Brent Marks- Bass
Julian Warmé- Trombone
Rene Gillezeau- Trumpet, MC
Dood, The Johnstones were so fuckin' rad last night.
by KATisaNINJA November 12, 2007

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