Shainas one and only love bird! John the man.
Shaina:"I love you John you sexy beast you!"
John: "I love you more you sex muffin you!"
Shaina:"No I love you more you wild man!"

Alright thats enough of that. I'm sure you get the point.
by GeussWho February 21, 2005
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The John is another informal name for 'the toilet'.
Sarah ran straight to the John after their long trip.
by Rbs January 27, 2005
Nickname for the extraordinary lead singer of Silverchair, Daniel 'Johnsy' Johns.
I was watching MTV and it had The Johns on it. He was silly.
by TheDukeHerself June 27, 2004
Something that is overly exaggerated.

Root-The Jimmy Johns restaurant/sub shop across the street from Florida State University freshman dorms. Thanks Max, Ryan, Chip-you guys suck the johns
'Man, he was drunk the motherfuck Johns last night'
'Im stoned the jonhs, I can't even see im so chinked the Johns.'
by Justin May 26, 2004
currently only consisting of 2 "main" Johnologists with 3 in training, the Johns usually are found doing whatever they feel like. At time they find "skruges" (see definition: skruge) who they feel are a threat to humanity.
The Johns are at it again!
by blokzberry July 11, 2006
the act of never getting laid
I got the john last night....fuck
by shankler May 17, 2007

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