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During a movie or play, you must sneak up on a man with beard and/or top hat and proceed to blow your load in the back of his head. After you're finished, successfully break your leg while fleeing from the scene.
Joe: So how'd you get in the hospital?
Desmond: I gave Charlie The John Wilkes Booth Charlie last night at The Nutcracker.
Joe: Good job, boii!!
by joesimmons March 02, 2011
When you sit behind an unsuspecting victim in a theater and jerk off, and at just the right moment, shoot her in the back of the head with your load and run out.
"Bill is a maniac...did you hear he did The John Wilkes Booth to Angela at the IMAX during the premier of Iron Man 3?"
by TheLargeBreast February 18, 2014
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