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Someone who is born and raised in Italy and comes to USA to DOMNIATE THE NBA To win Multi Championships, Given to the likes of Kobe "The Italian Isolationist" Bryant, who has Multi titles unlike the Lebron "Akron Hammer" Loser James who has 0 and has been Dominated by The Italian Isolationist.

Way to go Colin but I hate the USC Love Fest, Real CFB is in THE SEC

Roll Tide Roll
The Italian Isonaltionalist

The Way Kobe Bryant Isolates himself from the opponent to do a jump back fade away and hit a 3 right in their face, or drive right up the middle to put it in someones face. Kobe "The Italian Isolationist" Bryant!
by JdPat04, from VleSports. RTR!! November 11, 2009

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