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This is someone who often gets mopey and moody. They also tend to think their penis is a firehose and they get aroused by watching young girls sob, pout, or cry.
Quaneesha: Guuuuuuuuuuurl, look at dat boy ova deerrr aint he fyyyyne?
Wau-nay: Who you be lookin at?
Quaneesha: Dat boy ova durr wit dat fyne azz joggin pants on, lookin all sad and a bit scurry.. almost as if he be starin like he wanna staaaaab me wif a football!
Wau-nay: AWWW ho! Dat be THE HYD!
Quaneesha: Awwww shiiiiz! Run fo it!
by TheOrangeKrushOne December 16, 2004

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