a pack of smelly dogs who used to live in back of a gas station in Geneva, New York. The Hounds were not well-liked by many people who encountered them. These rancid beasts barked incessantly, and smelled of dog shit.
The hounds were filthy animals whose asses reeked of corn chips.
by Inspector Harry Bush August 17, 2003
Top Definition
An old man's testicles
don't look at the hounds, don't look at the hounds.... (looks down) O man I looked at the hounds!
by Professor IDC August 04, 2011
The Greyhound bus line, especially when used for long distances.
I was too broke for the plane anyway, and didn't want to have to mail all my gear to myself, so I took the Hound.
by old lang guy March 10, 2012
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