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(For the males) The act of, while in the doggy style position; to stop, spit on the partners back and pretend like u finished, when the partner turns around to show there happyness of the love making, the male proceeds to ejaculate on the womens face and then laugh.....also see bukkakee
when joe was in the hotel room he did the houdinni and bukkakeed all over jamies face
by pinto joe pa February 03, 2003
The act of performing doggy style to a woman who is blind folded , while a friend hides somewhere in the room, and half way through you switch with your friend, and leave the room or house and stand infront of the window and wave to the girl as your friend unties the blindfold.
Suzie was humiliated after Mike and Steve perfomed "The Houdinni," on her.
by Kevin Burns June 09, 2004
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