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The morally repugnant, visually deplorable, and physically gruesome act of engaging in sexual intercourse with an extremely robust woman who was most likely the failed genetic offspring of a reproductive scientist's attempt to crossbreed Rosie O'Donnell, an Amazonian Manatee, a Naked Mole Rat, Chris Farley, and a Blobfish. Often, doing "The Hoskins" is caused by ingesting massive amounts of alcohol, poor friendship, and a serious psychological defect which allows the perpetrator to push past the normal threshold where an average person would succumb to violent puking seizures and the complete retraction of the male reproductive organs inside the body (as a turtle does when danger is near).

Additionally, "The Hoskins" may refer to a dance move in which an individual outstretches their arms in a semi-circular fashion (as if trying to give a bear hug), bends their knees, and furiously thrusts their pelvis at a number of different speeds and angles. "The Back Brace" is a popular variation of "The Hoskins" in which the dancer places one hand upon the lower back while making facial expressions that indicate severe pain and discomfort.
Jim: "Hey Don, did you hear about M.J. last weekend? He did 'The Hoskins'!!!"

Don: "That sick fucker. I wouldn't do The Hoskins with someone else's dick and the ability to erase memories!"


Girl 1: "What is that guy doing over there?"

Girl 2: "I think he's doing "The Hoskins" with the back brace variation."

Girl 1: "That is sooo sexy. I wish someone would teach me how to do "The Hoskins"!
by Mr. Will November 08, 2010

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