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The uncontrollable, irresistible urge to squeeze a woman's breasts.
Woman: Excuse me!! Did you just squeeze my breast?!
Man: Sorry love, I have a bad case of the honks!!
by Dr Know Honks October 10, 2012
People of elite status by personal achievements or experiences
Jack:Kevin I heard you're a part of The Honks congratulations

Kevin:Yea thanks I finally became one

Jack:How can I become a Honk?

Kevin:I'm not sure but it's gotta be something impressive
by Yahonk December 16, 2013
A retarted phrase that the Fonz, from happy days, used in a public service annoucment. it is supposed to protect you from getting ass raped
if your an inmate dont use the honk it wont help
by Johnny Table November 28, 2006