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An awesome band that prefers the bar scene. Hard power-chord structure supplanted by beautiful piano mixed in with highly clever thematic lyrics. Critically praised, this band's albums are a must-buy for any rock n' roll lover and their live shows are unreal.
"It's good to see you back in a bar band..., it's good to see you back in the bar."
-The Hold Steady
by SCENIC Picnic April 22, 2009
a true rock 'n roll band. a band whose music makes you glad you're alive. best band EVER to see live. they make you want to dance, jump, and join a unified scene.

songs have themes: massive nights, killer parties, judas, king and queen, positive jams, hoodrat friends, charlemagne, unified scene etc.
i saw the hold steady, and i couldn't sit still.
by damnrightyoullriseagain February 12, 2009