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Everyone knows hippie's enjoy consuming drugs in unusual 'natural' ways. Thus The Hippie Dip was born.

It originated at Sasquatch music festival, and yes it actually took place. Molly, or MDMA, is routinely consumed here, and yet the spirit and vibe of the festival required a certain creatively in consuming powdered M a natural, free-sprited way without the use of added chemicals or binders. With limited running water and a lot of time spent getting high with the opposite sex, some might say it was only a matter of time.

The Hippie Dip requires 3 simple steps (4 steps if you Sanchez it).

1. Wet your finger(s) in a warm, sensual vagina.
2. Dip these moist fingers into a bag of Molly.
3. Proceed to lick these fingers or jam them into your partner's mouth to ingest the M.

The 4th and final step would be to quickly swipe these finger's under the nose of your partner of choice to ensure a full 'Hippie Dip Sanchez' takes place. This would usually be followed up with some yelling and a hi-five or two from involved and non-involved parties.
"Sweetie I am really looking to try the hippie dip right about me in the Honey Bucket"

"Apparently she is TOTALLY down to try the Hippie Dip... aka DTHD"
by Brooklyn Bane May 29, 2013
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