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A sex move in the doggy style position, in which the male cups the females' ears in headphone like fashion and sings her favorite baby making music.
After the party, Jack gave Jill The Headphones to her favorite mood music Marvin Gaye.
by MWDP December 10, 2009
Noun: A sex technique, where a recipient takes a seat in a chair while two friendly gents stick their penises in the recipient's ear to the best of their abilities. The gentlemen administering their penises must hold hands above the recipient to complete the "headphone" shape. The recipient usually wears a warm smile and strokes the penises, but this can vary depending on the tone of the encounter. The Headphone is similar to the "Eiffel Tower," in a sense, but involves a remarkably different feeling.

Verb Infinitive: to headphone
Verb Gerund: headphoning
Charlotte: I did the headphones with those homeless dudes that hang out near the mini-mart.

Charlotte's Dad: Get the fuck out of this house!

Hector: We should headphone your new girlfriend.

George: I think Agnes would be down for that.

Doctor: Your ear infection could have resulted from multiple things: swimming, showering, or even headphoning. Just practice safe ear-hygiene from now on.
by Rimmy Jimmy May 23, 2014
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