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A whiny pedantic moron, that thinks there is some vast Illuminati feminist conspiracy while seemingly ignoring the fact that their own gender runs the majority of the world (in their favor). One who is easily emasculated, and claim that women wish to oppress him. Probably, the same troglodyte that wrote “women’s rights --- ROFLOL!“ and “a woman is the useless skin around the vagina” on Urban Dictionary.
What's a man, who thinks he's superior to women (and believes he gets to determine what they think & do) The Happy Misogynist.
by Nocturnus Libertus June 16, 2013
1. He thinks that his masculinity depends on dominating women.
2. He feels powerful by subjugating women.
3. His emotional security depends on women being controlled.
4. He wants to insure that women are less powerful than he.
5. He controls women by destroying their self-confidence.
6. He is unnecessarily critical of women.
7. He intimidates women by finding faults with them.
8. He humiliates women in public and devalues their opinions.
9. He sees encounters with or about women as a battle to be won.
10. He must always win in a discussion with or about women.
11. He blames women for failings that are not related to them.
12. He blames women for his own failings and shortcomings.
13. He accuses women of being too sensitive if they get upset with him.
14. Refers to men that love women as "manginas".
Paul Elam is the happy misogynist
by kattwoman217 June 16, 2013