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Three brothers - Jeff, Steve, and Jack Hanson - who played hockey for the Charlestown Chiefs in the 1977 movie "Slap Shot." They came to the team from the Iron League and are quite possibly the three greatest sports movie characters of all time. Before every game they taped tin foil to their knuckles underneath their gloves. They seldom got to play because they sucked terribly at hockey itself. However, when they did get on the ice, the game turned into a bloody brawl, and were usually promptly ejected from the game with the crowd roaring for more bloodshed. In other words, The Hanson Brothers fucked shit up.

For many hockey players today, "Hanson Brothers" is also synonymous with "Hockey Gods."
The Hanson Brothers brought their fuckin' toys with them.
by Pilotguy44 December 04, 2008
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