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The hancock is a rare breed of homosexual, which camouflages it's sexuality through manly vulgarity and a heterosexual tone to those he is not familiar with. Amongst other interesting aspects of the hancock, like it's diet of alcohol and amyl, is this particular species excretes... a time release pheramone on to its victims through its tongue, which may lay dorment for 9months before taking affect. The hancock has been known to pass out in bins and defecate in urinals and ingest exotic liquids, like the Jager-Blanc
The Hancock just got us kicked out of The Club cos he took a shit in the urinal.
#gay #bi #amyl #trash #bag #shelving #shart #smelly
by Ryza&K-fedsdef January 11, 2011
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So youre doing a girl from the back and right before you cum pull out and cum on her back. Spread it around and sign your name on in the cum.
"Dude, you should totally give her the hancock"
#hancock #sex #name #signature #patriotism
by brightangel91 May 24, 2009
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