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Prolonged and incessant ejaculation, resulting in death.
"The firsht guy that ever wash to get The Gush wash Dean Dorsey. I've sheen the clip. He'sh doing the snot shot, and suddenly there'sh thish real panic on hish face, and he just keeps shtaring down at himshelf whimpering "oh my god, oh my god," like a shad voice, freaky clown. He'sh coming with the tears in his voice, but they are not there. It ish bad." - Dutch Pornstar, Rudy van Winkel
by Ernest Miller Hemingway September 19, 2008
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The experience of prolonged masturbation, usually resulting in death or severe disability.
"What happened to Andy, man?", "Oh, his girlfriend dumped him, and he developed The Gush".
by monkey November 11, 2003
Women's menstural cycle
Anne's in a bad mood, she must be on the Gush
by Lorcán000 January 15, 2009

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