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1. A learned man, who shares his knowledge to enlighten all those who are ignorant. He works for the mass uplifting of the society by imparting his knowledge.
2. A very sexy man
3. A spiritual healer, whose prowess extends beyond the pages of a medical textbook, and hint at almost superhuman clinical skills. He also has an appreciation for the finer alcoholic beverages, as well as a wittily-deployed innuendo.
4. A man whose supremely chiselled biceps give him unparalled ability at a foozball table. Unfortunately his abs do not allow him to maintain this dominance for long.
As a sculpted, masculine beast of a man walked by me, with a beer in hand, observed my elevated jugulovenous pressure, prescribed a triple drug therapy and suggested a better weights technique to grow my biceps, I knew I had just encountered....The Guru
by TheMaster99 October 09, 2010
One of the best bands in the fucking universe. A 4-piece 'Disco rock' band from Connecticut that knows how to put on a psychedelic show! They just released their debut album 'Native Sun' this year!
Disco Daughter off The Guru's Native Sun album is one tight ass track!
by ThatRandomGuy69 July 18, 2011