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The Grauniad is a British left-wing populist rag read by the tweed and corduroy crowd at second rate liberal arts college's . It is known mostly for it's hatred of the United State's, Israel, and Western civilization. It's writer's are fatuous political pimps who write in the style of a frantic housewife whose husband just left her for a younger woman: bitter and vindictive.

The Guardian is required reading if you are middle-class, wear a Che Guevara t-shirt, and like to read books about the Baader-Meinhof gang and Red Brigades.

"I couldn't find the Socialist Worker so I'm reading The Guardian."
by RonnieTheGreat April 23, 2008
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The Guardian daily newspaper is a morally repungent piece of liberal claptrap that promotes lefties and commie lib-lab-middleclass-car-haters that want to turn Britain into the "EUSSR"
I don't read that leftie shit(the guardian), only the Express, Mail and to a lesser extent The Sun know what the news is all about
by Wattsie August 09, 2006
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A left-wing British newspaper usually picked on by right wing idiots for retaining journalistic integrity and not scaremongering with every headline.
"Hey did you read the Guardian today, and notice how it doesn't twist everything to be somehow the fault of Tony Blair, Muslims or immigrants, and that nowhere was the term 'PC gone mad!' used?

"Yeah, it rocks."

by Ducky February 21, 2007
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The secret police of Wales, largest county in England.

Under the direct juristiction of the High Sheriff (see High Sheriff).

Ruthless and efficient in protecting the counties' borders from Muslim terrorists.

Commiting murders and acts of atrocities on enemies of Her Majesty the Queen.
"shit, lets flee over the Second Severn Crossing, the Guardians are coming"
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