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The greatest of all known poops: one that requires true courage, skill and determination.

Unlike the closely related angel poop, wipeless poop and ninja poop, The Great Unwiped is a rare event by which the pooper is so certain that he or she has just done an angel poop, that the toilet paper is left untouched and the anus, unwiped; the garments are returned to their proper position, and the pooper leaves the bathroom with their head held high.
Thor: One day, I'm going to sit on that porcelain throne, and I'm going to do The Great Unwiped.

Timothy: But Thor, how are you going to know? You might end up as a poopy pants.

Thor: I've heard that you just know, Tim. When the time is right, you just know.

Timothy: I am in awe of your dauntless courage.
by Symphonion October 12, 2011

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