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The Pontiac GTO, as referred to in Pontiac's own advertising and fans alike.
"The Great One is Pontiac GTO for 1967. Isn't it time you decided to ride the wide-track winning streak?" - Television ad for 1967 GTO

"Judge! The special Great One from Pontiac GTO."- Television ad for 'The Judge' package, first offered on GTO in 1969.
by OneAJFA1988 July 09, 2010
A person of greatness
This person is great, he is the great one.
by great man January 06, 2010
there were 3 men who were only known as incredible james mike and jaime. theses 3 men are with out a doubt have the most talent to ever walk the earth. Mike an actor with dead sexy looks. jamie a musican also dead sexy and talented with words. and there was james dead sexy and athletic with the 3 of them together it means fun for those who are with them bad things for those who oppose
damn there's those great ones i wana be jsut like them when i grow up
by james November 03, 2004