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Also known as the Cocknibbler, or Ibityourdick, this mysterious creature is suspected to dwell within the ethereal realm and is summoned forth occasionally to do it's evil and slutty works.

It is said that if one stands in a darkened room with a mirror, removes the penis from their pants and undergarments, and says the name 'COCK-BITER!' 10 times that it will summon the demon forth.

A famous example of this is when Sir Jonathan Wort summoned forth the beast in 1893 to do fierce battle, which later resulted in his inability to reproduce. This was the last documented siting of The Great Cock Biter, but numerous encounters have been reported through-out the intervening time.
"Dr. Richards I have this strange bite mark on my penis, what do you think it could be from?"

::the doctor leans in to get on eye level with the penis, and holds it closely::

"Ahhh, I think someone has had a recent encounter with The Great Cock Biter, the only known preventative is to cover your junk with hot sauce, hopefully this will ward off the demon, and balance your penal humors."
by World Sage October 23, 2011
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