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The Great American Challange
1.an insanely large dildo(assorted colors) that is 10 inches in diameter and 2-1/2 feet long packaged in an american flag box emblazoned with the words "The Great American Challange"

2. a hilarious inside joke originating in Bradenton, Florida when one friend told another of a humongus purple dildo at a local "XTC" shop that was labelled "The Great American Challange" and packaged in an american flag box just because of its immense size
1.mary's vagina is so loose, ill bet she could handle "the Great American Challange"

2.Mike: "hey william, do you want to take "The Great American Challange?"
William: "Hell yeah!"
Mike: "Haha! you're a faggot!"

by RedHorse January 02, 2008

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