anything that keeps u busy
Alex: man whatre we supposed to do tonite.
Mike: dont worry bout all that,Taylor's bringin the goods later.
by Liz December 27, 2004
The goods can be anything and/or anyone.
Buck: Woah dude I want to get the goods all night long!!
Paul: The goods? whats that?
Buck: Yah know...the goods ;-)

P1: Jesus is the goods
P2: Woah seriously
P1: Fuck yah

by Maranda May 13, 2005
Excellent Quality Or The Goods
This Shit Is The Goods.
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
Lamar Odom, starting small forward for the Miami Heat. Likes weed.
Oh shit, there's The Goods with the behind the back, between the legs windmill slam all while taking a bong hit! Damn!
by D Wade June 05, 2004

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