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anything that keeps u busy
Alex: man whatre we supposed to do tonite.
Mike: dont worry bout all that,Taylor's bringin the goods later.
by Liz December 27, 2004
9 10
The goods can be anything and/or anyone.
Buck: Woah dude I want to get the goods all night long!!
Paul: The goods? whats that?
Buck: Yah know...the goods ;-)

P1: Jesus is the goods
P2: Woah seriously
P1: Fuck yah

by Maranda May 13, 2005
3 5
Excellent Quality Or The Goods
This Shit Is The Goods.
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
7 10
Lamar Odom, starting small forward for the Miami Heat. Likes weed.
Oh shit, there's The Goods with the behind the back, between the legs windmill slam all while taking a bong hit! Damn!
by D Wade June 05, 2004
15 19