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The Gonzales is an advanced sexual maneuver named after its founder Mr P. Gonzales. It involves the "woman" figure in the relationship to be strapped down forcefully, and held captive (of course just acting, rather than reality) for a period of some days. The woman figure is forcefully fed from a nutrient tube, or nutrient dildo from which he/she must slowly suck all that they will live on for a period of unknown proportion. The mixture must incorporate the required nutrients for life of course, along with small traces of semen, slowly increasing over the period. The semen should be that of the sexual partner's in order to heighten the sense of intimacy. The maneuver is best performed strapped to a chair, and their should be some form of inflatable dildo underneath that inflates at key moments during the sexual acts, either into the vagina, or rectum if it should be a male in the chair. "The Gonzales" usually lasts roughly 4-5 days, and can be performed with either a man or woman, though P.Gonzales' preference is a male to share his (what some would call sick) fantasies with. P.Gonzales has a doctorate in alternate sexual fetishes from Oxford University, London, and is a world renowned professor on the subject. This maneuver should not be performed by the feint of heart, and P.Gonzales' in-depth guide should be consulted on his website, which includes information on many more moves, this being his signature move, hence its name "The Gonzales".
Hey ross, you wanna go bak to mine tonight and perform "The Gonzales" for a few days?
by Anon76 August 03, 2009
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The dominatrix act involving nutrient tubes and an inflatable dildo, taken from the name of its founder, Gonzales.
Man, me and my bitch just had the gonzales goin for a few days, was fairly nice
by superanon8 August 04, 2009

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