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The act of cumming on a girl's chest, dipping your balls in it, and letting her suck it off.
Guy 1: Pat gave Susie The Gobbler!
Guy 2: SWEET!
by Seacow July 13, 2006
when a chick slobin on your knob, right before you cum, tickler her and simultaneously shove your dick to the back of her throat, and she will sound like a turkey..
"mmmhm.. yeah you like tha. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE.. *cough cough*... Greg!?!? what the fuck was that?!?"
"That was the Gobbler bitch!"
by Blue Brother Pledge Master April 07, 2010
When titty fucking and/or receiving a blowjob from a girl you shoot your load on they're chin. The semen now dangling from her chin resembles the flap of skin hanging from a turkeys neck. Then you make a turkey sound (GOBBLE GOBBLE)
At my girlfriends family thanksgiving dinner we snuck in the back and i gave her the gobbler.
by Olly North May 22, 2014
When you stick your penis between the double chin of a very fat girl.
a guy says hey you want the gobbler to a fatty and that fatty squishes her chins together and he puts his penis in.
by Dennis. help from jon & duncan January 15, 2009
Step 1: Find your unsuspecting victim in a distracted state.
Step 2: Pull your dick and balls back between your legs.
Step 3: Clinch your legs together to secure your junk.
Step 4: Lean over at the waist.
Step 5: Call your victim.
Step 6: Jump up and down with your arms flapping yelling "GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!"
I was doing the dishes and the next thing I know I'm staring at this floppy cock bouncing in front of my face, HOLY GOSH I JUST WANTED TO LICK IT!

The Gobbler
by mrvao March 10, 2008
An uncircumsized penis.
by Sage McAilister July 26, 2003